This page is for registering at GGS Soccer Academy. If you are looking to register for another specific GGS program, please choose the correct program for you at:


More Programs

Registering process is very simple for our Developmental or Competitive Program


Step 1: Choose the right program

  • If your child is aged 2-7 years old, then sign up for the Developmental Program.

  • If your child is aged 7-14 years old, you need to choose between Competitive and Developmental Program

    • The Competitive program focuses on development, with professional licensed coaches, pro quality uniforms and a higher competitive level of play.

    • The Developmental Program focuses on learning the basics and having fun, with volunteer coaches and at an affordable price.

  • If your child is aged 13-18 years old, you need to choose the Competitive Program.


Step 2: Register

  • GGS Soccer Academy 2019-2020 Competitive Program - Click here

  • GGS Soccer Academy Developmental Program (choose the appropriate program) - Click Here

Financial Assistance

  • GGS Soccer Academy 2019-2020 Financial Aid Assistance - Click Here