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Creating a New Player Account in Gotsoccer

If you do not have a player account, then you can create one for your club when doing their Online Registration.

  1. Use the LINK PROVIDED BY GGS and create a Gotsoccer account to sign up.

  2. Use the box on the left: Create Individual Player

  3. Once you have submitted the application, you can go back into the player account through this page or login with Gotsoccer for the next steps.

  4. A photo will need to be uploaded on the player’s main page. It should be a current HEAD/SHOULDER photo. This is the photo which will be used with the player card.

  5. Under Player Profile, Documents tab-you will need to upload an official government document with the birth date (birth certificate or passport). This document is used by the league to verify the birth date/age of the player.


Loading a Birth Certificate into Player’s Gotsoccer Account

Scan into your computer the birth certificate or passport. Make sure that ALL information is visibly clear. Please mark out any social security numbers with a black marker before scanning into your computer.

Under the Documents Tab in the players profile page, upload the birth certificate.  Complete the upload and then check to make sure all parts of the birth certificate are clear.


Loading a Picture into a Player’s Gotsoccer Account

Scan into your computer the HEAD/SHOULDER picture of the player.  On the Player’s Profile page, upload the picture.  The photo should be in jpg. format for best results. Remember, that a photo of the player’s face is correct for the player pass card. (Please do not use full body photo or the player on the soccer field. Best pictures to use are their school photos.)

Once loaded properly, it will appear on the player page once you refresh the page.


Returning Player Account in Gotsoccer

Returning players, please DO NOT create a new player account each year.  Using the same account is the proper method.  If you are unsure of your username and password, please contact the registrar of your club and they will be able to send you the information via email. If you are moving to a new club, DO NOT create a new player account, you may still use the same player account from the old club.  Just make sure you use the new club’s registration link that you will be playing for that year. The registrar from the old club can send you the username and password if you have forgotten them.