GGS Soccer Academy - Residency Boarding Program is offered for student/athletes from 14-19 years old. The program is designed to the needs of student-athletes who want to become better players and get scholarships at a good college or become a professional athlete.  GGS is committed to a personalized, purpose-driven learning environment and student-athletes are challenged to master skills and competencies on an off the field. Our goal is to prepare each participant for the next step in their life’s journey.

Student-athletes participate in the GGS competitive program, which allow players the opportunity to play at higher-level competition.  This program is for those athletes whose desire, natural ability, commitment and passion for the game make them want to develop their ability to the highest level they can achieve.


On the Competitive program, all players are coached by professional coaches. Players submit for player placements (tryouts) at the beginning of the season and are placed on teams. At this level, players have made a decision to play competitive soccer and are placed based upon their passion and ability in order to maximize their potential.  All players have the opportunity throughout the program to move up or down a level of play, based on their development. In this case, player movement is possible between teams throughout the year.


NOTE: To check your child's age group, please check the Birth Year Chart.

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