GGS’s training methodology is based on the long-term development of its players and is focused on the academy’s style of play and game model. Our game model and style of play is built around an entertaining soccer style, with great possession of the ball, high levels of technical skill, and players play with courage, flair, and passion.


It's fundamental that all the players have an excellent tactical understanding of how the team plays during the games. To achieve and implement this philosophy, we train our players the same way across all age groups, from the youngest all the way to the oldest level. Every exercise created or chosen will be associated with the current GGS’s game model and style of play. Of course, there are physiological and psychological differences that we must take into consideration, and we will adapt them correctly for each age group.


"It is important for the players to understand what they are doing in the training sessions so that they can connect and transfer what is learned to the “REAL GAME.” 


For this reason, our players train accordingly to master the four (4) pillars in soccer to excel at their position. They must be proficient technically, tactically, physically, and psychologically


  • All training exercises are with the ball

  • Lots of repetitions to create good habits

  • Professional environment

  • Age appropriate curriculum to maximize players’ development 

  • Tactical periodization training

Tactical periodization is a training methodology that cares about everything and knows that the smallest detail can positively / negatively influence the process.

GGS uses tactical periodization as a training methodology to help teams and players understand the roles and responsibilities to perform well in the game.  Training is organized in a way to help achieve a collectively, sectoral, intersectoral, and individually insight of how to play the “REAL GAME”.

GGS’s coaching staff will be clearly on the principles of play and intentions so that all players faithfully follow the team's organizational philosophy and standards in the four moments of the game (Offensive Organization, Offensive Transition, Defensive Organization, Defensive Transition).


It is essential, establishing these principles of play for our players to have a better understanding of the different game situations, as well as, their roles & responsibilities. Each player must know what to do, solve quickly and make the best decision.

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