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2023-2024 TRYOUTS



At GGS Soccer Academy, the player is the most important element. Our goal is to provide all players with the best training environment to maximize their development. At the same time, we focus on establishing a lifetime set of skills to help players succeed on and off the field.

GGS 2023-2024 Tryouts (Player Placement) – Registration, Procedures, and Team Formation

Tryouts, or Player Placement (as we call it), is an excellent opportunity for those looking to have professional and high-level training while competing with and against other determined and motivated players. At GGS, this opportunity is open to all players, boys and girls, born in 2017 up to 2005.


To accomplish accurate and better results, we must roster players on a team suitable for their ability level.  In this case, Players’ Placement allows us to place athletes at the correct level of play to maximize their development.


  • Current GGS Academy players will have registration priority for the 2023-24 season and do not need to register for Players Placement. Your place in the academy is guaranteed.


  • New players seeking an evaluation to join GGS will register for the Player Placement sessions (tryout)

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NOTE: Current FYSA carded players outside of GGS Soccer Academy are not eligible to tryout until May 1, 2023. Furthermore, ‘Non-FYSA sanctioned’ ID/Assessments will not be covered under any FYSA insurance policies. 

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