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Golden Goal Sports (GGS) is a premier youth soccer academy in Central Florida, which provides high level, quality soccer training and playing opportunities at all levels of play for youth athletes and their families.

At GGS, we focus on player development and establishing a lifetime set of skills to help players succeed on and off the field.


GGS is committed to providing opportunities for all, and to the development of players, coaches, referees, parents, staff, and volunteers.  We take great responsibility in being a community leader and providing every family with the ability to participate at any program at GGS.

GGS will offer programming for all levels, gender, and ages by providing quality coaching and training in a positive and safe environment. We are committed to give each athlete access to the best training and management in order to maximize their personal and athletic growth, as well as their development.

GGS is also committed to help any family in need of financial assistance. With the help of the Let Me Play Foundation, GGS has created a motto that “No Child Is Left Behind.” Any family in need of financial assistance are never turned away. With this in mind, GGS aims to ensure that every student/athlete has access to the best training, coaches, and resources in order to achieve their dreams.

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Core values are guiding principles that dictate behavior and action. The way a person behaves will either bring out the best or the worst of their capability. Who our players are when their time ends at GGS, the people they become—that is the club’s legacy! If we are on the right path, if we create and follow an unwavering and unchanging guide, we will help develop better players and people. By developing individual players and giving them the tools, skills, and character, in which they need to contribute beyond the soccer field, they will also develop the tools, skills and character to contribute more effectively on it.



The ability to see and celebrate the value in ourselves and others, is a fundamental part of sport; respect for others, respect for coaches, for parents, for teammates, and respect for the game. We must give and demand respect, as in soccer, the intensity of the moment heightens each action, magnifying the impact of every development. A player who values the contributions of his or her teammates, and who also displays the self-respect necessary to believe in oneself, will indeed make an impact in soccer and in life.

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is a core value that can take us to unthinkable heights, leading us to achieve targets and objectives that may at other times appear inaccessible. Dedication, determination, sacrifice, and perseverance are traits required for effort. These traits will take players further than they could even dream. Over the long haul, it is effort that wins the day, not luck. Immediate wins are often fleeting and momentary, however, at GGS, we are preparing our players for life.



is the desire to achieve the maximum performance, no matter the task at hand. It is not just about doing things well; it is about doing everything as well as possible. Ambition is about improving every day, the “GGS Way.” Other values, such as excellence, patience, discipline, and motivation, are required as well, but ambition is at our core. At GGS, we set targets and then set about achieving them. Ambition is the surest way, for it is the impulse to grow. If we want a higher performance from our players, we must first begin with a higher purpose.



at its base, is the commitment to a common goal. There are undeniable benefits to knowing that you are part of a group, and if our values and beliefs are aligned with the values and beliefs of the club or the team, then we will work harder towards its success. In time, we want our coaches and players to understand that by acting to benefit the whole, they will reach new heights as an individual. Teams achieve what individuals cannot, as in the end success can be attributed to how a team works together under pressure, how they understand the importance of teamwork, and loyalty.

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Often when athletes achieve the goals, they have set for themselves, they start feeling superior, and this leads them to forget certain values that have helped them to achieve those very goals. Sportsmanship consists of knowing how to be clear about one’s values, and to maintain and defend them even in situations where you are clearly more superior and successful. Only with sportsmanship will a player continue to grow, and seek to grow, after achieving any number of goals. Be humble and seek always to be better. If you are not growing anywhere, you are not going anywhere.


    GGS’s Technical Philosophy is based on the long-term development of its players and is focused on the academy’s style of play and game model. Game model is the process that organizes and pursues to improve soccer teams and players to achieve common goals and success. GGS’s game model is an entertaining soccer style of play, with great possession of the ball, high levels of technical skill, players play with courage, flair, and passion. The more organized GGS’s teams and players are, the more success they will have to achieve common goals and success. On the academy, it is fundamental that all the players have an excellent tactical understanding of how the team plays during the games. GGS’s game model has principles of play so that smart players train and play soccer on principles guided by GGS’s coaches where the objective in this system is the team's success above all else.
    GGS is recognized as a club where the players train as if they are playing the game. To achieve and implement this philosophy, we train our players the same way across all age groups, from the youngest all the way to the oldest level. Every exercise created or chosen will be associated with the current GGS’s game model and style of play. Of course, there are physiological and psychological differences that we must take into consideration, and we do implement them correctly for each age group. It is also important for players to understand what they are doing in practice sessions, this way they can connect and transfer these skills to the game. For this reason, our players train accordingly to master the components necessary to play the game: technically, tactically, physically, and psychologically. All training exercises are with the ball A lot of repetitions to create good habits Professional environment Age-appropriate curriculum to maximize players’ development Tactical periodization training Tactical periodization is a training methodology which cares about everything around the game model, acknowledging that even the smallest detail can positively/negatively influence a team and/or individual’s success in the field. GGS uses tactical periodization as a training methodology to help teams and players understand the roles and responsibilities to perform well in the game. Training is organized in a way to help achieve a collectively, sectoral, intersectoral, and individually insight of how to play the “REAL GAME.”
    GGS’s Player Identification Philosophy acknowledges the club’s long-term vision and emphasizes the importance of an appropriate learning environment and a shared responsibility for all those involved. The philosophy is a framework based on ideals, beliefs, and standards. It describes our behavior and thoughts and guides us in the way we are working. The philosophy is also based on our vision, values, and beliefs. GGS’s Player Identification Philosophy principles are: Talent can be developed in the right environment Drive talent identification in surrounding communities through networking Identification and examination must happen within the context of the game Must acknowledge that players develop at different rates and their performance trajectory is non-linear Talent identification is an examination and monitoring process with long term objectives where performance and potential are influenced by environment, age, and maturation Coaching Staff must use a common structure for examining players Building relationships with all communities Use a gender-neutral approach where we can and a gender specific approach where needed
    GGS offers innovative, comprehensive, and customized training programs at all its programs. The objective is to create a challenging and motivating learning environment where athletes are pushed to be the best version of themselves. With a proven training methodology, professional and quality training programs, GGS provides ALL athletes the ultimate foundation for success, both on and off the field. Below is the player development path for all our student-athletes.

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