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The Future Prospects Program at GGS is focused on teaching young athletes to have fun playing soccer while learning the fundamentals of the game.  The program is for U7 to U14 boys and girls (born between 2018 to 2011) and is also perfect for young players taking their first steps to follow their dream to play on the GGS academy competitive side.

All Future Prospect players can participate in the GGS & OSL In-House League Program during the year. The league has three (3) seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring. It is age appropriate and perfect for players who want to play with friends or schoolmates. It is the foundation of our academy and is designed to encourage our players to develop a passion for the game and enhance their technical skills, which will give any child a great start to play in our competitive program.

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  • Top-level qualified and experienced staff.

  • All coaches follow long-term age-specific programs.

  • Highly technical development philosophy based on the modern possession game

  • Guided discovery approach to foster player thinking, problem-solving, and decision making

  • Focus on player development

  • Two training sessions per week

    • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    • 5:00 PM to 600 PM

  • Players’ Placement throughout the year

  • Individual training sessions available (optional)

  • Participation in GGS/OSL In-House League Program (3 seasons per year: Fall, Winter, Spring)


  • $100 a month

  • $60 Uniform Kit


  • Ocoee: Jim Beech Recreation Center

By learning in a fun environment, hopefully, we can foster a love of exercise, which will help combat the massive problem of child obesity. This may be the only opportunity for some children to access this level of coaching due to financial or time restrictions on their families. Those children wishing to pursue the sport further, or identified as having potential will be invited to join GGS Soccer Academy at the appropriate level.

  • Practices consist of activities where each child has their ball and will be taught a different skill each week. At the end of the program, each child will be given an evaluation covering each significant area they have received instructions in. 

  • Without realizing it, each child will work physically and improve their anaerobic threshold.

  • No other sport expects players to move a ball with their feet at speed while moving their bodies. This helps each child with their coordination.  Also, soccer has been shown to help children improve their concentration levels.

  • Team sports help children learn to work as a group and socialize with each other! GGS’s coaches are committed to mentoring and positively impacting each child.

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