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Science applied in sports minimizes the negative impacts of excessive exercise and allows setting goals to achieve better performance and reduce the risk of injury. The GGS – Personalized Performance Program will provide biological support for player development by providing and implementing an evidence-based program.

The objective of the GGS – Personalized Performance Program is to evaluate the physiological condition/stage of an athlete’s growth. The goal is to develop individualized training programs, to direct the right stimuli, for the best performance, with the least risk of injury, so that we can reach the complete development of each athlete.


GGS – Personalized Performance Program, is led my Mauricio Negri and ESports Control USA. Dr. Negri is a highly qualified, experienced sports scientist and professional physiologist. He brings to GGS over 28 years of experience at the highest level of soccer. 


Throughout his career, Dr. Negri was the physiologist for two well-known Brazilian soccer clubs, Vasco da Gama and Fluminense FC, and he was also the physiologist for the Brazilian Men’s National Team at the 1998 FIFA World Cup, and when Brazil became five times world champion at the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

  • Current Academy High Performance Director at Orlando City SC

  • Sport Science of professional Soccer from Fluminense Futebol Clube for 17 years.

  • Sport Science of professional soccer from Clube da Regatas do Vasco da Gama for 11 years.

  • Sports Science of the Men’s Brazilian National team in the 1998 and 2002 World Cups.

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All GGS players who are at least 10 years-old, boys and girls, are encouraged to participate at the GGS – Personalized Performance Program. This is a great opportunity to understand more about your child’s body and further maximize their development.

Enrollment to the GGS – Personalized Performance Program is currently opened and has the duration as the current regular soccer season).


  • 4 possible evaluations per season (two in the Fall, and two in the Spring)

  • Full Season

    • Cost per participant athlete if Pay in Full: $350.00

    • Cost per participant athlete if Pay in Installments: $400.00

      • Split into four installments of $100

  • Half Season

    • Cost per participant athlete if Pay in Full: $225.00

    • Cost per participant athlete if Pay in Installments: $250.00

    • Split into two installments of $125



The physiological evaluation is done with state-of-the-art equipment and follows execution protocols with scientific evidence. The work consists of:



All players participating at the GGS - Personalized Soccer Performance program, will be able see the results of several physical tests and compare them to data from athletes of the same age and/or position. Please see below the main physical tests taken:

  • FAULKENER – is the percentage of fat

  • IA – is the muscle and fat ratio

  • SKINFOLDS – is the sum of all the skin folds

  • VO2 MAX – is a resistance test

  • JUMP – is an excellent way to access strength and power

  • AGILITY – is a change of direction test

  • SPEED – is a 30-meter test

  • SPRINT – is a 10-meter test


It is important to compare the results of our soccer players with those of their peers of the same position and age across the US. These results are necessary to understand how much our athletes can improve.


With the evaluation, parents and players can see all the results side by side and follow the athlete’s evolution. After this analysis, Dr. Negri and ESports Control will propose a physical training recommendation for three months, with another reassessment at a later date, so that they can monitor and adjust the training process.



To learn more about the ESport Control, and its partnership with GGS, please feel free to download and read a pdf presentation about the program. Please, Click Here

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