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Welcome to the GGS family ESport Control

We are pleased to announce the partnership between GGS and Esports Control, which is led by Dr. Mauricio Negri. Together, we have designed a specific program towards player development and performance, the GGS – Personalized Performance Program.

The purpose of the GGS – Personalized Performance Program is to evaluate the physiological condition/stage of an athlete’s growth. The objective is to develop individualized training programs, to direct the right stimuli, for the best performance, with the least risk of injury, so that we can reach the complete development of each individual athlete.

Science applied in sports minimizes the negative impacts of excessive exercise and allows setting goals to achieve better performance and reduce the risk of injury. The GGS – Personalized Performance Program will provide biological support for player development by providing and implementing an evidence-based program.

Dr. Negri and his team will work to establish the ideal stages for the application of appropriate stimuli, respecting the stage of development of GGS’s young athletes. Consequently, we can further maximize the genetic and individual potential of all athletes participating at the program. To register or learn more about the program, please follow the link below.

Overall, it is necessary to increase the evolution of a child in relation to the different stages of biological growth, during the development process, relating to the variables of strength, speed, and aerobic capacity. The lack or excess of stimuli (physical activity, food, sleep...) results in losses that cannot be corrected in adulthood. This is why the GGS – Personalized Performance Program is not mandatory; however, it is highly recommended.

To learn more about the ESport Control, and its partnership with GGS, please feel free to download and read a pdf presentation about the program. Please, Click Here

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