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Grey Round Patterns


GGS Soccer Academy has partnered with Adidas and Authentic Soccer since 2016 to provide uniforms, training kits, and day to day gear and equipment to all our members. We strive to give and offer the best to our players, staff, and fans. In addition, we are proud to reveal GGS Soccer Academy's new game uniform, starting now in the 2023/2024 soccer season. Please follow the easy steps below to order your gear and get it delivered right to your door.  


Short Yellow.jpg
Short black.jpg
socks yellow.jpg
training short.jpg
socks black.jpg
training sock.jpg


training short.jpg
training sock.jpg


NOTE: Before you purchase your uniform and/or game kit, please make sure that your child has a number assigned. If you are not sure, please contact us as soon as possible. When doing so, please select 3 different numbers, one from each range below:


  • Range 1: Numbers between 1 to 20

  • Range 2: Numbers between 21 to 40

  • Range 3: Numbers from 40+

Example:  5, 25, 45


Please send an email to: with your number choices. We will check the number availability and assign it to you.


 To order uniforms, please follow the link below. Under "Team" pulldown, please select YOUR child's Birth Year. The page will refresh. Under the "Player" pulldown, you will select YOUR child's name. Click Submit.

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