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What is the Bridge Program?

It is a year-round program for Boys and Girls players 6 to 12 years old designed to introduce and prepare young and talented players with desire and passion to play at the competitive level. The main objective of this program is maximizing player development of our young athlete's by adding more soccer practice during the week, increasing training frequency, with more repetitions, improving their soccer fundamentals, motor skills, balance, coordination and set new standards and goals. In addition, all Bridge players can participate in the GGS/OSL In-House League Program during the year. The league has three (3) seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring. It is age-appropriate and perfect for players who want to play together with their friends or schoolmates. The league is the foundation of our academy and is designed to encourage our players to develop a passion for the game and enhance their technical skill that will give any child a great start to play on our competitive program.

What does the GGS Soccer Academy Bridge Program offer?

  • Top-level qualified and experienced staff
  • All coaches follow long term age-specific program
  • Highly technical development philosophy based on the modern possession game
  • Guided discovery approach to foster player thinking, problem-solving and decision making
  • Focus on player development
  • 2-3 training session per week for 7-15 years old
  • Participation at GGS/OSL In-House League Program (3 available per year)
  • Players’ Placement throughout the year
  • Two players’ evaluation per year (one in the fall and one in the spring)
  • Individual training sessions available (optional)

What do I need to do to join the GGS Soccer Academy Bridge Program?

Throughout the whole year, you can join the GGS Soccer Academy. At certain times of the year, we do hold Players Placement (tryouts) and ask athletes to do their best to attend these events. If you are unable to come, you can still be placed into one of our competitive programs. To do so, please contact GGS's Technical Director. We will invite the player to a training session, or the player can be evaluated at one of GGS’s ID Camps. Coaches must be able to see the players play/train to properly place them to a team suitable with their ability level. Technical Director: Marconi Machado Email:​

What is the Players’ Placement?

GGS’s main goal and commitment are to develop soccer players at all levels. Players’ Placement is for all players looking for an opportunity to have a professional and high-level training while competing with and against other motivated players. To accomplish accurate and better results, it is essential we place players on a team suitable with their ability level. In this case, Players’ Placement allows us to place athletes at the correct level of play to maximize their development.

When is Players' Placement?

We have different ways and time frames in which an athlete can be placed into a competitive team or Bridge Program. We do have 2-3 special events with set dates throughout the year, and we recommend you always check the page for the competitive program to get the most updated info for Players' Placement. Also, players can be recruit during and at the GGS/OSL Developmental Program League. Or you can contact us at any time to schedule a day to train with one of our academy/developmental teams to be evaluated by the coaching staff. There are prerequisites for each scenario.

What do I wear and bring for Players placement (tryouts)?

Players must wear appropriate soccer clothing. This includes cleats and shin guards and brings a soccer ball and water bottle.

Can players play in an older age group?

Yes, we will evaluate all requests to play up. Players are expected to play in their age-appropriate groups. A year makes a big difference in the physical and emotional growth of a child. For the most part, playing up can provide an excellent opportunity for the success and development of an individual player. However, during the tryout process, the GGS coaching staff will rigorously evaluate any players interested in playing up by their ability to do so and a team’s need. Also, GGS staff will look at playing upon a player by player basis, taking the player’s development is our priority.

Can players play in a younger age group?

No, players CANNOT play down with younger players. For example, a player born in 2005 CANNOT go and play with the 2006 Birth Year age group.

What does Birth Year Mean?

Birth year means that players will play in the age group of the year of their birth. The Birth Year calendar dates run from January 1st to December 31st. For example, if you are born between Jan. 1st and Dec. 31st, 2010, you will play in the 2010 Birth Year age group.

Are there any benefits to playing Birth Year?

The main benefit of playing Birth Year is for developmental purposes. At the local level throughout our state, it will allow for better development because it will push individual players, raise the competitive standards, improve team competition, and create more meaningful league games.

When are games played?

Fall & Spring League games will be played on Fridays evening on the ages U5- U14 Girls & Boys. Winter League games will be played on Saturdays morning ages U5- U15 Girls & Boys

Where are the games played?

All games will be held at Jim Beech Recreation Center Address: 1820 A. D. Mims Rd, Ocoee, FL 34761. However, GGS is working on getting more fields, so new field locations are a possibility throughout the year.

When will practice and games startup?

Practices will start on the week of August 26th. Games will begin on Friday, August 30th

Can mandatory Voluntary Hours be waived?

Families will be requested to volunteer 5 (five) hours per season (August 1st, 2019 -June 31st, 2020). After completion of the hours, you will receive a GGS Voucher of $50.00 towards any program at GGS.

I have more than one kid, can I get a discount?

Yes, we do offer a sibling discount. 2nd child gets 20% off tuition fees and 3rd child and on 30%.

Can I make installment payments?

Yes, at GGS, we offer a flexible payment plan for each family. All payment agreements must be set up on an automated debit from a bank account or Visa/Master credit card. There is a processing fee of $50.00 for all payment plans, except if paid in full. The first payment is due at registration, and remaining fees can be paid in installments of 1 (one) up to 12 (twelve) payments.

How much does it cost per year?​

  • $150 a month
  • Players can join at any time throughout the year
  • Players can cancel the program at any time
  • FINANCIAL AID available for those that qualify

Is financial assistance available?

Scholarships are available. Please submit the necessary forms by July 31st, 2019. There will be an application fee of $50.00 per family. Our Executive Committee will consider each application individually, and you will be notified by email of their decision. Any remaining balance due after the award of a scholarship must be paid via auto-draft. Uniform fees and team fees (additional expenses) cannot be covered by the financial assistance program. For all other questions, please contact us at any time at or call 407-450-9560.

How and when do I get my uniform?

After your registration, you will be asked the uniform size for the participant. All orders will come to our staff, who will distribute to each team and individual player in the first week of the season. Please make sure to choose the correct size.

What additional expenses will I have?


How many games will I have during each Season?

Eight matches, weather permitting

What additional expenses will I have if we decided to play on the competitive side?

In addition to buying your uniform, you will expect tournament and league fees, coaches’ expenses, coaches’ equipment, and referee fees. Everything, except your uniform fees, will be confirmed via a team budget which will be provided at the beginning of the season at your team meeting.

What the competitive traveling team does differently than a developmental team?

A competitive traveling team plays with other club teams in and out of the state of Florida, instead of just at the home club. Some travel is involved, but it is all within an hour and half of home. Teams start traveling at the U8 age competitive level for both boys and girls.

How often can GGS run the Developmental Program league?

We will run the GGS/OSL League Developmental Program in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.