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At GGS, we build athletes by preparing them to compete individually and as team. We are fully committed to providing unforgettable experiences to all student-athletes!  Players can compete in local, regional, and national competitions. The experience of the games brings vital lessons and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

In all sports, athletes continue to become quicker, stronger, and smarter while pushing the limits of individual and team performance. GGS students-athletes will follow their passion and develop their athletic abilities. They'll get the right training and preparation they need to accomplish their very best and to succeed at the collegiate level.


GOLDEN GOAL SPORTS (GGS Soccer Academy), is a soccer club specialized in consulting and guiding student-athletes of various sports to apply for scholarships in colleges, universities, and high schools. By combining sports with academics, GGS fosters and enhances personal, academic, and professional experiences to achieve success in life.


To guarantee that each student-athlete has access to the best training and management team to maximize their personal and athletic growth. And, to make sure they obtain success on and off the field, be it personal, academic or professional.

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weekly / monthly

Choose between weekly and monthly plans to come to US and enhance your soccer skills & physical condition

This is the perfect program for those who want to have a sample of what it is like to live and train soccer in the US. The biggest window will happen in June and July. 

3 - 4 Training Sessions (per week) + Full Training Package + Certificate of Participation

Price starts at ONLY



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Exchange & Residency Program

GGS soccer academy offers guidance for students who want to compete in College leagues and fight for scholarship opportunities. The athlete will work closely with our coaching staff and the Counseling Department to find the best college who fits his or her wants and needs.

3 - 4 Training Sessions (per week) + Full Training Package + Personal Evaluation

+ 1 on 1 Consultation Service + Personal Video & Networking

Price starts at ONLY



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Exchange & Residency Program

Program dedicated to players who want to do more and focus on their specific goals. 

Training sessions will be either private or composed of a few players. The perfect condition to improve physical condition and technical skills. 

Private or Small Group Session + Personal Evaluation + Strengthening & Conditioning + Specific Training 

Price starts at ONLY



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Full School Year - 10 Months

A program designed for those who want to enroll in high school and play soccer. Housing, transportation and meal plans are included. This is a big opportunity for players who want level up their game while get high quality education

3 - 4 Soccer Training Sessions + Full Uniform & Training Package + 2 Personal Evaluations/Year + Private High School + Networking

Price starts at ONLY



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Team & Individual Package

A program designed for Individual players and international team/clubs/academies who want to participate in nominated tournaments and cups in the United States. If you and your team would like to travel to compete in the United States, make sure to contact us for the best packages! (Also available for individual players)

Disney Cup International + Orlando City Cup + Various Tournament + Individual Participation or Team Participation

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